Friday, 21 February 2014

Another step closer...

Can't believe it's been a month since I last blogged! I've just been so busy (but am glad to say I've still been running!)

This is just a quick update as I don't want to miss a month as I'm going on holiday tomorrow and it will be March before we know it!

I've done a few Parkruns since I last blogged (Newcastle and South Shields) and have been steadily improving. A few weeks ago I did South Shields with my big sister, Joanne, and got a new pb of 35.31! I was ecstatic with this as it was more than two minutes faster that my previous pb two weeks earlier! It was lovely running with Joanne again and she stayed with me even though I am still slower than her (hopefully not for much longer....I can't wait for a bit of sibling rivalry! Haha).

Me with Joanne after the parkrun
Yummy cake!

After the run we went bought cake and drank tea at Joanne's house, which was a lovely ending to a nice run. The weather was lovely, unlike last Saturday when I competed Newcastle parkrun in a torrential down pour! I went to Newcastle on my own and it was definitely the worst run I've ever done, as I couldn't see out of my glasses and kept running through puddles! I got soaked to the skin and was so cold! However, I am so proud that I didn't let the rain put me off, and even though I didn't get a pb I got up out of bed on a Saturday morning when I could have easily turned my alarm off and gone back to sleep!

Running with Dynamic Running Fitness has also been going really well. I've been doing some speed work and on Monday we increased my distance to 6km! I was really proud of this, as not only was it the longest distance I've ran, there was also speed work in the middle of it. This was an especially proud moment as when I return from my holiday I will be moving up a group! I no longer need to be in the Couch to 5K group as I have now reached that target! Next stop Sunderland 10k in May! My friend Rachael has joined the next group so I am looking forward to running with her there!

Monday's running effort!

Steve has been fantastic! There's no way I would have made so much progress over the last 5 months without his brilliant coaching. He is starting a new Couch to 5K group on March 31st for more beginners and I definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of trying running! I never thought I'd love running so much! If you are interested contact Steve ( to secure your place in the group before it fills up!

I now have my place in the Great North Run and will be running for the North East Trust for Aphasia. I am really excited (though the thought of running 13.1 miles does still terrify me!)

Well I'm off to check that I have everything sorted for my holiday tomorrow... And I am of course taking my trainers! (Who would have thought I'd ever say that?!)

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