Monday, 3 March 2014

Holiday Running!

I arrived home from holiday on Saturday evening after a lovely week with the family in Fuerteventura. As mentioned in my previous post, I surprised myself by wanting to take my trainers with me!

Eager to get at least one run in during my week away, I got up early on my first morning there and went for a run with my brother-in-law (Craig) and nephew (Dom). We set off at 7.30am and headed towards the coast. Craig has been running a lot longer than me so he kept doubling back and doing some interval training in order for him to do more miles without losing Dom and I.

We ran along to the harbour and saw some people doing some fantastic sand sculptures. I was so busy watching one of them that I almost ran down a ramp onto the sand instead of keeping to the path!

I was struggling a little bit (not sure exactly why, it wasn't hot, but I think it might have been due to running in a new place), so I was glad when we turned round to head back towards the hotel. On the return, both Dom and I walked parts of it (Dom's new trainers were hurting his feet, and my legs were sore). We all, also stopped to take in some of the scenery.

Taking in the view, thank you Dom for taking the picture!

I was pleased when I got back to the hotel (4.8km run) and enjoyed a relaxing day with the family.
We walked back to the harbour in the afternoon to show everyone else the sand sculptures.
One of the sand sculptures when we went back in the afternoon.
On Wednesday morning I got up early again and went for another run, this time with my sister, Joanne. We set off in the opposite direction to where I ran on Sunday and ended up at the beach. The tide was out and the sand was wet and the view was amazing (sadly I didn't have my camera). My legs were aching quite a lot when I was running on the sand and I turned round a little sooner than I was planning to as I was getting cramp. I'm not sure if this was running on the sand or the change in diet on holiday but I was disappointed in myself for needing to walk a bit on the way back. Overall I ran 4.5km and by the time I was back at the hotel I wished I had kept going a little further in order to have made it 5k!

I was a little disappointed with the efforts of both of my holiday runs, however I am super impressed and proud of myself for 1) taking my trainers on holiday, and 2) getting up at 7am on holiday to go for a run (Twice!) I wanted to do a third run but decided taking part in the karaoke would be more entertaining than setting my alarm on holiday for a third time!

Last night of the holiday :-)

Tonight is my first session at the improver/intermediate group with Dynamic Running Fitness and I can't wait! My friend Rachael is picking me up and we are going together :-) I am really looking forward to running in a group and making some new friends. I will let you know how I get on...I just realised today that the Sunderland 10k is just 9 weeks away! Scary yet exciting!

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