Thursday, 13 March 2014

When the going gets tough...keep going!

Ok, so I don’t know where the time is going, or indeed how I am even finding time to run in my currently rather hectic schedule. The amazing thing is though, is that I am finding time to run…just shows that when you really want to do something you can find time.

So, since last time I typed I’ve been to the improver/intermediate group twice. Both weeks the group has been quite small and they’ve been a tough work out! It’s taking a little bit of adjusting to running in a group rather than with 1:1 support but it is good. I found the first session particularly difficult and was questioning why I even run at all…then I felt good when I finished and realised that it’s worth the hard work if I want to improve!

Last week I went out for two runs on my own: Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday’s run wasn’t easy – I did 6.3km and had to walk quite a bit of it but I was still pleased that I’d been out there and done it! I stopped to take some photos of the lake and the swans too… I’m so easily distracted! Friday was just a short quick run as I met a good friend for a cuppa and then went off to London for an overnight stay (Giving Voice Innovation Group – sharing ideas about ways to raise awareness of Speech and Language Therapy).

Yesterday, I was really looking forward to going for a run today but when my alarm went off this morning, I wasn’t so sure. A couple of people provided some motivational words (virtually - mainly my big sister – who I still blame* for me running at all!).

Anyway, after my porridge digested, I set off with the aim of completing 6KM. It’s the first time I have had anything other than a banana before a run. I want to start experimenting with things I can eat for breakfast before running, as I know a banana will not be enough for me once I am running further distances. (I can report that porridge was a good choice!)

I set off from my house (without a jacket!) and headed towards Newbiggin. I decided to run to Woodhorn Church, though I wasn’t exactly sure how far this was. When I got to Woodhorn Church, I felt just like Forest Gump and just kept running (except I was slower than him and didn’t run quite as far!). I ran for 3km in total, then turned round. I walked a little bit and stopped to take a few photos but I did run most of it today.

I’ve been experiencing a motivational dip over the last few weeks but I quite enjoyed this morning’s run and I can say that even though it was tough. I enjoyed being out in the sunshine, not wearing a jacket, feeling the Ashington/Newbiggin breeze cool me down as I ran, and random people saying Good Morning. Also, when I was on my way back, two drivers stopped to let me cross the road which I thought was really nice of them!

I was really pleased that by the time I got home I’d completed 6.5KM (4 miles!) which is my furthest run yet. I am so pleased with the progress I am making and even though it isn’t easy I am not planning on giving up any time soon.

I’m going to visit the North East Trust for Aphasia this afternoon with a cheque from some fundraising we’ve been doing. I’m looking forward to seeing the members again and telling them of running progress in my Journey to running the Great North Run in aid of them.

I'm doing the Newcastle Parkrun on Saturday with Rachael. I haven’t done one in a
month so I’m looking forward to seeing if I’ve made any progress! Hopefully I’ll get a pb!

Thanks for reading, it really does mean a lot that so many people are supporting me in my greatest challenge yet!

*I obviously mean that I am very grateful for being inspired

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