Monday, 18 November 2013

I ran by the light of the moon..

Tonight I ran by the light of the moon... Well this isn't entirely true as I was in Cramlington so there was also a lot of light from street lamps... But I'm feeling a little poetic and the moon was beautiful tonight!

I went to my running session tonight; If you read my post yesterday you may know that my enthusiasm for running this past week had drastically diminished. However, I took my running kit to work with me this morning to go to the session on my way home as I'm not one for giving up!

Once I finished work I was quite looking forward to going for a run and hoped that wouldn't change once I was running in the dark and cold. I noticed quite early into my run that it was more difficult to breathe than it was last time I went out and it was clear I'd lost a little bit of fitness. I'm still fitter than I was when I started and I am super proud that I ran a whole 5k (3.1 miles) WITHOUT stopping!! My running enthusiasm has returned and I have remembered why I enjoy it so much.

I am not sure if I will get out running this week due to work and a weekend trip to London! I will be be running again next Monday at the running session. I still can't quite believe that two months ago I struggled to run for 30 seconds and tonight I ran for almost 45 minutes without stopping!

Couch potato to 5k is complete! I aim to do a park run as soon as I have an available Saturday as I want to be able to run a 5k with more ease than I did tonight. I still had my usual niggles tonight (numb feet, sore ankle, sore hip) but none of it was unbearable and not as bad as usual. I will make time to do some strength exercises this week as I won't even need to leave the comfort of my lovely warm house for those!

I really enjoyed tonight; there were a couple of moments I was ready to give up and walk but I am so glad I didn't as I can now say I can run 5k! I absolutely feel like a runner now and that's not something I ever thought I'd say.

I love the moon and it was so pretty tonight, making my run more enjoyable! I took a photo of it but the camera on my phone didn't capture the real beauty.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

No more excuses...

Really enjoying my new job! But with a new job comes a new routine and I still haven't quite managed to balance this particularly well with running.

Two weeks ago I went to my running 'group' - (still just me and the coach!) I was surprised to find that I ran for 2.2 miles (33 minutes) before I slowed to a walk. I had to slow down as my left ankle began to hurt but I was super proud that I had managed to run for this length of time. I was also still able to breathe!

I didn't get out running the rest of that week due to work/dark nights (and socialising). I met up with Dawn on the Thursday and we went for food and a drink. It was lovely to catch up with my new friend and we had an enjoyable evening :-)

Mid week drink with Dawn!

 I went out for a little run with my friend Rachael last Sunday. It was just a gentle 1.5 mile as I didn't want to over do it for my running group on Monday. I found this run difficult as my left ankle hurt and so did my right hip. I did run most of it but I walked the last bit home.

My right hip/thigh was painful the rest of the day to the point I struggled to walk. I had a bath with muscle soak in it which eased it a little bit but it was still painful when I got up on Monday. My coach  sent me a message on Monday to say he was poorly and the session was cancelled. I was a little disappointed but also glad I didn't have to run with such a painful leg. I think my right hip is painful due to me over compensating due to my sore left ankle. I've still been trying to foam roll (as my calves still feel tight when I run) but this has also lapsed slightly over the last week as I'm super busy!

 I need to get myself more organised with running as I've lost all enthusiasm at the moment! I was going to go out for a run yesterday but had a couple of drinks too many on Friday night so didn't feel up to it. I went Christmas shopping instead! I really need to stop making excuses and just get running! I'm going to running group after work tomorrow but I am not feeling as enthusiastic as usual. I'm also a little bit worried that running will cause my hip to hurt again as it took 4 days to feel better last week! However, I'm not ready to give up and I'm sure I will enjoy it once I'm there. I know I will be glad I've done it and hopefully my enthusiasm will return!

A little bit of running enthusiasm did return this afternoon when I spent time with my sister and brother in law (my inspiration to run as they are so good!) Also, Craig told me that he came first at the Harriers on Thursday! Super proud little sis :-)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Running

On Monday night I went along to my running session straight from work. Still the only beginner mad enough to start running at this time of year it's still just me in the beginners running group! I'm really enjoying it and improving more each week! I was so impressed with myself when my coach said I'd run for 11 minutes before stopping! All together I did 3.2 miles in the session and I only slowed to walk a few times for a minute or two at a time so definitely much more running than usual!

Keen to get out for a run again I went out with my mam last night when I got in from work. As I was going to a Halloween party at Rachael's house afterwards, we only went out for a mile and a half. I amazed myself by running for 15 minutes before slowing to a walk! My new job is keeping me busy so I'm not running as much as I'd like, but going out for a mile and a half is better than nothing!

When I got home there was a knock at the door and it was my friend and her two little 'monsters' for a 'Trick or Treat!' I gave them some sweets and told them their costumes were fab. Still in my running clothes, exhausted, they might have thought I was dressed for Halloween too! Haha!

Me, before I went out for my run (didn't wear the hair band running!)

My calves are still feeling tight when I run and my feet still get numb. My coach thinks that the tingling in my feet may be linked to my tight calves so I am foam rolling every night (it hurts but I'm persevering!)

I've ordered myself a digital watch to help me time myself better when I'm out running, as using my phone hasn't been ideal. Hoping to go swimming tomorrow, and will be running at my 'group' again on Monday.