Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Running

On Monday night I went along to my running session straight from work. Still the only beginner mad enough to start running at this time of year it's still just me in the beginners running group! I'm really enjoying it and improving more each week! I was so impressed with myself when my coach said I'd run for 11 minutes before stopping! All together I did 3.2 miles in the session and I only slowed to walk a few times for a minute or two at a time so definitely much more running than usual!

Keen to get out for a run again I went out with my mam last night when I got in from work. As I was going to a Halloween party at Rachael's house afterwards, we only went out for a mile and a half. I amazed myself by running for 15 minutes before slowing to a walk! My new job is keeping me busy so I'm not running as much as I'd like, but going out for a mile and a half is better than nothing!

When I got home there was a knock at the door and it was my friend and her two little 'monsters' for a 'Trick or Treat!' I gave them some sweets and told them their costumes were fab. Still in my running clothes, exhausted, they might have thought I was dressed for Halloween too! Haha!

Me, before I went out for my run (didn't wear the hair band running!)

My calves are still feeling tight when I run and my feet still get numb. My coach thinks that the tingling in my feet may be linked to my tight calves so I am foam rolling every night (it hurts but I'm persevering!)

I've ordered myself a digital watch to help me time myself better when I'm out running, as using my phone hasn't been ideal. Hoping to go swimming tomorrow, and will be running at my 'group' again on Monday.

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