Sunday, 27 October 2013

Blaydon XC

Yesterday afternoon Dawn text me and asked if I wanted to go and spectate at Blaydon Cross Country. Enjoying my new found love of running and loving last minute plans, half an hour later she picked me up and we headed to Blaydon!

Once we got the car parked we arrived just after the men' s heats started and I was looking forward to cheering everyone on, particularly my brother-in-law Craig! Joanne told us she was standing next to the blue tent. Dawn and I thought it would be easy to find her but it turned out that most of the tents were blue! A quick phone call and navigating our way under tape without running in front of any of the runners, we found our way to the tent Joanne and Toni were at :-)

Well done Craig!

Joanne and Craig

We cheered everyone as they passed us and it wasn't long before we saw Craig. We took photos of some fellow beer tenters as they passed also. We then headed over to the finish line to see the runners as they reached the end! Everyone did really well and it was great to be there to support my fab bro-in-law!

After the race we got some photos with some other members of the Great North Run Beer Tent Group :-) then some of us headed to the metro centre for some food! Another fab day involving running (one of these days it will be me competing haha - though not cross country!) how my weekends have changed hehe!

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