Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A weekend of running good fun!

On Saturday morning I went out for a run with my mam and we followed the podcast (my iPod worked fine, unlike Tuesday! So that was good).

We completed two miles (combination of running and walking) and I really enjoyed it! I don't mind running on my own but I much prefer running with someone. I tend to go too fast when on my own then can't do as much. When I'm with someone I like to keep talking (who'd have thought I like to talk!! Haha) so I can't go so fast if I want to still be able to breathe!

Joanne, Craig and the children came for lunch and we had more running related conversations! What did we talk about before running?! Haha. After they left I got ready for an exciting night out! On Saturday evening I met up with some of the beer tenters for a social gathering. Dawn and I arrived together and we ordered cocktails from happy hour whilst waiting for the others to arrive. We had a brilliant night, chatting, laughing and dancing! Some people were driving as they had the Newcastle Stampede the next day, but it was fab that they still came out! We all had a lovely evening and it was nice to meet some more new faces.

Some of the group that were out - me, Dawn, Sarah and Adelle
Dawn and I decided to go and be a two woman photography/cheerleading squad at the Stampede on  Sunday! We took lots of photos and then met up in the Border Minstrel after for a drink. Dawn and I opted for Tea as we were so cold from cheering everyone on! It was a great day, though I still have no desire to do it next year! Well done to everyone who completed it! We then went for lunch in Gosforth and talked more about running :-)

Kelly, Kelly and Alex!
Dawn and I went to the metro centre to take my trainers back as my feet get numb after running a couple of miles. After trying nearly every pair of trainers in the shop I finally came out with a new pair! Hopefully these will be better (but they did say it could be because I am new to running, so I guess I better stick at it!) :)

All in all a fabulous running themed weekend! Enjoyed every second :)

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