Sunday, 27 October 2013

Running with Rachael!

Yesterday morning my friend Rachael and I went out for a run. Rach completed the GNR last month and I'm super proud of her. Yesterday was the first time we went out running together and I really enjoyed it.

Before our run!
It was a lovely day and Rach was super supportive when I was struggling. I hadn't been out for a week and I felt it. We ran slowly and completed 2.45 miles in total. I ran slightly further without slowing down to a walk but then didn't run for such long durations as I kept getting cramp in my calves. I bought a foam roller last week but haven't been using it much! Definitely think I need to get into a routine.

Rachael ran all the way and I kept walking in between (same pace as running) and it was nice to have some company as I ran. I do think I talked too much and struggled to keep my pace as slow as I'm used to and therefore think I overdid it a bit :/

When we got back to my house we had a delicious snack of Nutella on toast and strawberry  milkshake (and felt like children again! :)

My thigh and hip are hurting today as I don't think I stretched enough when I got back yesterday (too busy chattering and thinking about Nutella!) Rachael was really supportive and I am glad we went together. We will be doing it again soon! :)

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