Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunny Sunday running!

This afternoon I went for a run at the beach with my sister (Joanne), brother-in-law (Craig) and some of the lovely people we met on the Great North Run Beer Tent Group on Facebook. We had a lovely time!

I lost my phone on Friday and have been feeling pretty fed up since. I almost didn't want to go out this afternoon but decided the fresh air and nice company would do me good! I am so pleased I made myself go as I am so proud of my achievement today!
GNR Beer Tenters :) (thanks to Aidan for photo)

Before the run

We started off running along the beach, but as the tide was on its way back in, the sand wasn't firm enough so it wasn't long before we had a group vote and ran on the path! I was glad, as running on the sand was hurting my ankle (I sprained it back in March), and it doesn't hurt when I run normally.

Joanne stayed with me as I was slower than everyone else since I'm a newbie runner! I definitely did more running today than I normally do! (My big sister is a mean personal trainer! Haha). The weather was lovely although perhaps slightly too hot for running!

After 1 and a half miles we stopped briefly to discuss the rest of the route. Kelly, Joanne and I all said we would head back the way we came and everyone else went further along before looping back round to join us. I was almost ready to give up a number of times but Joanne and Kelly were so supportive and encouraging! Also I didn't want everyone else to catch up since they'd gone further than us (they still did though! Haha). It definitely made me push myself further than I usually do as the atmosphere with being out with other people was great!

Towards the end of the run, I couldn't feel my toes in my right foot (not sure why as this hasn't happened before) and my calves were quite sore, but I'm ok again now!

Once we all got back we went to the pub for a cold drink and a chat, which I really enjoyed! It was lovely chatting to everyone :)

I then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with my family (and had lots of running resulted conversations with Joanne and Craig!)

I've had such a lovely day today and it made me realise that although it's annoying and inconvenient that I lost my phone, a day like today is priceless! This afternoons run really made me feel better (once I got my breath back!)

I'm so glad I didn't give up (and that other people wouldn't let me!) and I'm super proud I kept moving for 48 minutes! (my personal best!)

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