Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Moving forward!

I didn't run as much as I would have liked last week as I went to Birmingham (to find out why click here!) so I was happy to be going back to my running 'group' on Monday. It's not much of a group as I'm still the only one there but I really enjoyed it!

I would have thought I'd have felt uncomfortable being the only one going but it means that I am getting really good coaching and the session is tailored to me. I ran for 6 minutes at a time on Monday (walking in between) which is the most I've done so far! In fact I didn't even think I could run for 6 minutes yet! Just goes to show what you can do with the correct support. All together in the session on Monday I ran 3.1 miles (a 5k!) with a little bit walking in between! Words cannot describe how proud this session made me feel!

I had my new trainers on (for the first time) and although my feet did get slightly numb towards the end of the session I think they might be better than the other ones!

This morning I got up with the intention of going for a run but I really couldn't be bothered! I decided that giving up wasn't an option so I got my running gear on and went out!

After the success of Mondays session I didn't know which week of the podcast I should listen to so I decided to go out without my iPod. I ran until I got tired then walked. I was impressed to see that I managed to run for 6 minutes again (and did so a number of times!)

I really enjoyed my run. The other day I didn't like running on my own, but today that was just what I needed! I enjoyed not having my iPod as I was able to listen to the tweeting birds and monitor my own breathing better. There were quite a few people out walking their dogs when I was out this morning. I went for a run round the lake and people said morning and smiled (I always love how friendly people are when round the lake!) One older man said hello the first time I seen him, then when I passed him again (we were going opposite directions round the lake) he smiled at me "keep going!" This was at a time I was almost ready to give up running and walk again, but his supportive words gave me the motivation I needed to keep going a little longer! :) I was so proud of myself once I got home and I'm really glad I went out. It was only a 2.1 mile route but I ran most of it so I'm happy! Looking forward to going out again in a couple of days!

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