Sunday, 27 July 2014

Running Rainbows

Only 6 weeks to go! Six weeks until I complete the hardest challenge of my life to date! I am a combination of nervous and excited, and the proportion of this changes each day!

I’m training hard and this week has been particularly difficult. I got new trainers last Saturday and got my gait analysed again. After wearing the new trainers around the house for a few days I decided they weren’t a wide enough fit so I had to go back to the shop for some different ones. The new ones are a different make and size. I’ve been running in them a couple of times now and they are much better than my old ones (the pain in my shins is a lot better and I no longer feel like I am being kicked in the bum!)

However, both times, I have had that tingly numb feeling in my toes that I used to get when I very first started running. This could be the trainers, or it could be because both times I ran in them, it was ridiculously hot. I will have to see how they are over the next few runs.

Last Sunday I completed the Colour Run in Sunderland with my sister (Joanne), brother-in-law (Craig), best friend (Rach) and her boyfriend (Karl). We’d been excited about this for ages and who ever would have thought I would be excited for a run!
Rach and I before it began!

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Color Run, it’s a 5K run (originated in the USA) where you get powder paint thrown on you at each kilometre. So by the time you reach the end you look like a beautiful rainbow (well that’s the idea, I just looked like a bit like one of the purple minions from Despicable Me 2!)

Purple Minion (me!)

The sun was shining on Sunday and it was really warm, a bit too hot to run! My legs were still a bit sore, so I was struggling to keep up with everyone (especially as their ‘slow’ appears to be my fast!). We walked parts of it, partly as it was so congested with walkers, and partly due to the heat. After each kilometre we stopped for a photo and it was fun that the five of us were doing it together. The first paint stop was at 1K and it was pink. Phil, one of the runners from the Great North Run Beer Tent Group, was a volunteer and did a great job of colouring us in pink paint (so good that it took a week to get it off my glasses!)

Once we crossed the finish we were given a sachet of powder paint each and the 5 of us had great fun throwing this on ourselves to make us even more colourful!

On Monday I went to Dynamics Personal Fitness (DPF) in Cramlington and we did pyramid training (200m, 400m, 600m, 800m 1km, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m) and it was difficult in the heat! It’s always a good session with Steve though and I am really feeling the benefits.

My training plan for Wednesday was a slow and steady 3 mile run. On my way out of work I told them I was going for a run when I got home. They asked me how far and I said ‘just 3 miles tonight’. I didn’t think I would ever say ‘just’ before any distance but I was confident it would be an easy run. The rather high temperature and large numbers of midges flying around made me eat my own words (and almost a fly or two!). I felt every single mile and hated pretty much every second of the run. I was so glad to get home and have a cold bath (another combination of words I NEVER thought I would say!)

On Thursday I went to the Strengthening and Conditioning session with DPF. I love these sessions even though they are hard work as I can really feel the benefits. My core has only just stopped aching today!

Yesterday I went out for my longest run to date. Eight whole miles! It was another warm morning and I struggled in the heat. My legs felt a bit heavy and my feet began to feel tingly/numb after a few miles. This was made a little easier with walk breaks so I just kept doing that every so often.

There were so many friendly people about (many of whom told me it was too hot to run!) and that made the running a bit more bearable. I had to stop at the shop for a cold drink as it was just too hot, and this made me feel a bit better.

I don’t really enjoy long runs, but the sense of achievement I felt when I got home, made me glad I had gone out.

Next weekend I will be running 9 miles! I haven’t decided where I will go yet but I think I’d like to plan a bit of a different route, as my last few long runs have been mainly the same route with a bit added in each time. I’m looking forward to the sense of achievement I know I will feel once I am home. I am still searching for the excitement at the thought of running 9 miles! I know I can do it though, as I’ve been working hard and have already made more progress than I ever thought possible!

Thank you for joining me in my Journey to the Great North Run!

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