Sunday, 10 August 2014

Double Figures!

Four weeks today and my journey to the Great North Run will be complete! I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by! My training is really in full swing now and I can honestly say that running has taken over my life!

Last Saturday I ran 9.1 miles, I got up early because I was meeting Rach at lunch time and needed to ensure I would be back (we were going for cupcakes so I obviously didn’t want to be late!) It was a difficult run, the rain during the first half being a combination of light relief keeping me cool and a challenge trying to see out of my glasses! I was so proud when I got home and had completed my longest run to date!

On Monday I went to running group and we were doing 800m repetitions. I found it particularly difficult as I was becoming out of breath much quicker than usual. I also had a bad cough which probably wasn’t helping! I still managed to do all of the 800m reps at a consistent speed though, and we all ran well.

On Wednesday I was due to go out for a 4 mile run. My cough had become chesty and although I felt well in myself, I didn’t feel up to running. I was disappointed and disheartened to miss a run in my training plan but I thought a rest day would be better, rather than risk making my chest even worse.

Yesterday was my first 10 mile run. I set my alarm early and got up and had porridge for breakfast. I was coughing a little bit and I had cramp in my left calf. It looked damp outside and I wasn’t sure if I should go running due to my cough. After an hour or so thinking about it I finally decided to go out and just see how I felt. I arranged with my mam that if I felt poorly I would phone her and she would come and pick me up. Knowing I had this option made me feel happier about going out, though I knew I would have to be pretty poorly to take her up on her offer. I set off on my favourite route towards Sheepwash, hoping I could complete my 10 miles. “I CAN DO THIS” I thought to myself as I left the house.

I started off steady and was happy to find that my cough seemed fine. I tried to keep my mind occupied with thoughts about anything but running as I find the time passes quicker this way. The first few miles were a lot easier than I expected and I felt that having a few days rest probably made me stronger. At about 5 miles I called into a shop and bought a Lucozade sport. I didn’t drink it all but it was just the energy boost I needed.

Lovely View

At 8.5 miles I really felt I was struggling but I just kept telling myself I could do it. I’d ran this far so I wasn’t going to give up now. At 9.5 miles my chest began to feel a little tight and I was glad I was almost home. My knees were hurting and my calves were heavy but I was determined to continue. I arrived home exactly on 10miles (my feet are good at leading the way!)

As I was stretching outside, before going into the house, I felt a tear escape my eye and roll down my cheek. I felt extremely emotional that I actually ran 10 miles. My first run in double figures and the first time I ran for more than two hours (2 hours 11 minutes). I have never felt so proud and I am so glad I decided to go out for my run!
My 10 mile run
If I felt that emotional after a 10 mile run on my own I cannot imagine how I will feel 4 weeks today upon completing the Great North Run. I am running for a very worthwhile cause, close to my heart. Aphasia is a life changing condition, affecting all aspects of communication. NETA support individuals and their families, in the North East, with Aphasia and make a positive difference to their lives. If you can help me raise money for them you can donate here (every penny counts).

Thank you so much for joining in my journey so far. I still cannot believe I ran 10 miles yesterday! My legs believe it. My legs believe it very much! My Great North Run number arrived this week – it really is happening! I’m excited that I will be in the same zone as Joanne and Rachael, as well as some of my running friends. Four weeks to go!

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