Thursday, 19 September 2013

Everybody starts somewhere

Hi. I'm (Jolly) Julie and this is my new blog!

I've been a spectator at the Great North Run a number of times now (supporting my brother-in-law) and always really enjoy it. The last three years (including this year) I have been on the sidelines handing out oranges and jelly babies to the inspirational runners. I used to think I would like to run it, then realised this involved running 13.1 miles so never did anything about it and discovered my forte was handing out jelly babies! (Check out my other blog Julie Giving Voice to find out more)

I'm a speech and language therapist and have been fundraising for the North East Trust for Aphasia (NETA) since being a student at Newcastle University. I've been working with NETA as an assistant for the last 5 months and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the members. Seeing them overcome adversity with such a positive attitude has been inspiring me to continue fundraising for this fantastic charity which helps people with communication difficulties following a stroke or other brain injury. 

My sister (Joanne)  and brother-in-law (Craig) both ran for NETA this year and it was my sisters first time at the Great North Run. Joanne (the wonderful members of NETA, my good friend Rachael, and all the fantastic runners) inspired me to run next year! 

Running is not something I have ever done before, and I used to do everything possible to avoid PE at school!! So deciding to run, is something very new to me!

I went out tonight for a half mile jog/walk as a start to my training and I really enjoyed it, can't wait to continue! I emailed NETA yesterday to be on their mailing list about running on their team.

I am a determined person and when I set my mind to something I always work hard to try and make it possible. I am very excited about my new jogging (running?!) adventure and after all everybody starts somewhere.

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