Thursday, 26 September 2013

Running bug!

I've been poorly with a cold all week but am slowly on the mend :) This morning I went shopping to look for a hat to run in - I get head colds pretty easily in cold weather and wouldn't dream of going out on a cold day without a hat. Therefore I needed to get something to keep my head warm when I run. I didn't like the look of any of the woolly hats and was worried they'd make me too hot. Then I spotted a piece of 'multifunctional headwear' (Nevica Skuff) - it was pink and purple (and very me!) so I decided to buy it.

I went out for another jog earlier and listened to the couch potato to 5k podcast again. I almost didn't go out as I needed a nap this afternoon (due to feeling poorly) but I'm glad I made myself as I feel better for having done so! There was a time when I'd use any excuse to avoid exercise - and today I wouldn't let my cold stop me! I love the new me :-)

My new headwear kept me nice and warm and was thin enough to not feel like I was wearing a hat. It didn't look very good - but who said running was sexy eh? Lol

I did 2.11 miles tonight and really enjoyed it (I found some of the running a little bit difficult as I didn't have as much energy as I thought) but felt better for having gone out. I am looking forward to going out again on Saturday as I think I've definitely caught the running bug!

I've also signed up for a running group in Cramlington which starts on Monday and I'm really looking forward t it! :-) I've almost completed my first week of the podcast! Just one more run to go and I can move onto week two :-) I'll be fitter in no time!

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