Saturday, 21 September 2013

Overcoming Obstacles...

I went out for another short walk/jog yesterday morning and really enjoyed it (though the sun was a bit low in the sky, making it difficult to see where I was going, so not quite as enjoyable as my first walk/jog!) Also, there was no one at home so I had to take my house keys with me which wasn't very easy as I didn't have a pocket (not well thought out!)

When I got home, I had a very productive day as I was feeling so energised and enthused! Definitely think this is something I should have done years ago, but better late than never!

Few teething troubles and things I need to consider for proper training (things I need to invest in soon):

* arm band for my phone
* new trainers - the ones I have aren't as comfortable as I thought!

*also need to decide what to do about keys?!

Thanks to everyone on the Great North Run Beer Tent Group for all your help and tips :-)

I am still feeling good about my new adventure and looking forward to starting properly. I shared a bottle of wine with my friend Rach last night to celebrate her first GNR success :) made me more excited and I have a running buddy! (Though it will be a while before I am as good as she is!!)

We went to The Alnwick Garden together today (and did lots of walking:-) and here's a photo of me 'running!' Fun times :-)

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