Monday, 30 September 2013

Upping my game!

I completed week one of the Couch Potato to 5k podcast on Saturday (with a hangover...never ever again!!) I'm super proud that I made the effort to go out when I'd been feeling so out of sorts. At one time I would have used that as an excuse not to do anything active but I was determined to go out as planned (it was just a little later - afternoon rather than morning!)

I started at a beginners running group in Cramlington tonight and I really enjoyed it. It was the first beginners session and I was the only one there this evening so I had one to one tuition which was fab. I walked/jogged 2.7 miles which is the furthest I've been - I even jogged for a full 3 minutes! I definitely worked harder tonight than I do when listening to the podcast on my own but I feel better for it. I also learned lots of useful tips about my running technique :) I've been bursting with energy since I got home and am looking forward to next week! (Hopefully some more people will have heard about it by then so it will be more of a group!

 Here's a picture of me all ready to go out to the running group earlier this evening, equipped with new clothes! ( I looked almost as happy when I'd finished too!)

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